In a few words...

Passionnée de philosophie depuis ma tendre enfance, j’ai grandi en me créant mon chemin vers ce qui m’éveille. Inspirée par l’Univers et par l’Être enfoui en chacun de nous, ma vie m’invite à toujours évoluer et grandir d’apprentissages, de découvertes et de profondes réalisations.

Nourrie par les cercles de femmes, l’expression du féminin sacré, portée par l’envie de partager sans mots, je crée des illustrations qui traduisent ce qui vit en moi. Histoires d’autres et histoires d’ailleurs, voyages intérieures, rencontres, nature et simplicité sont autant de formes insufflant mes dessins.

Nomade de nature, je vis actuellement à Nancy, en France.

Don't become a spiritual person
just be free


My professionnel journey

2022 : Return to my birthname as my main artist name,
Coralie Monpontet, and affirmation of my position as an illustrator
Since 2018 : Coralie Sauvage, workshops to teach natural dye for
beginners and sewing / selling naturally dyed items
From 2018 to 2020 : Freelance graphic designer, making logos and websites
2017 : Launching of the project called "Vetudor", workshops to help people repair their clothes, and conference to bring awareness on the impact of fashion
2015 : Fashion designer, woven department, for American Vintage (French brand based in south of France)
2013 to 2014 : Fashion designer assistant for the young designer, and fashion week brand Each x Other

My spiritual journey

2022 : Business coaching to bring coherence and confidence into my business, and go the source of why I'm doing this, with Claire Noël
2021 : Mentorship with Mystery Anaha, chaman and medicine woman, shadow worker ; First Ayahuasca ceremonies ; discovering dark part of me and the visual experience of another reality
From the end of 2019 to beginning of 2020 : 3 months in India, 2 months close to Amma, "the hugging mother", living in her ashram and following her for the south India tour; journey through different strong spiritual places of India (Tiruvanamalai and Rishikesh)
2018 : Romantic breakup, the beginning of my spiritual journey, meeting with Mystery Anaha, living as a nomad
2017 : 5 months travelling through New Zealand in a van. Vanlife and my first woofing experiences. It is a huge transformation for me and confirming more than ever my connection with nature.
2016 : discovering the buddhist center close to my home when I lived in London, Bethnal Green. I lived my first meditations there.