Feel like revealing your project with me ? Here are my services.

Holistic logo design

You wish to have a unique logo which matches you ?
If you are here, it is that you know my work, my illustration style and it resonates with you. What takes place when I create a logo is magical. It seems I'm more of a channel and I transmit your energy, your intention through the logo design. It is difficult to explain and I discover step by step the process of manifestation.

Does it speak to you ? Tell me about your project

The steps

  • We have a call to tchat in live about your project, book your free call.
  • I send you a quote with estimation of the cost, time and the sum up of your demand
  • All the inspirations of color, picture, shape and even music are welcome to nourrish the researching phase. I keep you informed by e-mail of how things go and as soon as something concrete is there, I send you proposals.
  • Among the sketches of proposals, you choose one or few that resonates the most. It is now devlopment phase where the sketch becomes a colorful illustration.
  • I send you the illustrated version, it is the time of modifications which can be about colors or details.
  • Then, we end with logo finishings and mailing the different files.

What you will receive

  • Your logo with and without typography, in these formats :
    .png (to share on social medias and website)
    .jpeg and .pdf to print (flyers, business cards, ...)

Would you prefer to write to me ?

Fee : 750 $CAD

down payment of 300$ CAD
is asked to start

Illustrated website

A website in a precious tool today to introduce to the world what you have to offer.
In this package, I offer to build a showcase website (one page website) and bring illustrations into it to enlight your words and project.

A showcase website,
with 5 illustrations of various sizes.

Fee : 1350$CAD*

Other options are available and
will need to establish a quote.
We can talk about it :

* this fee do not includes web hosting fee and domain name fee.

For a smooth start

I created this package to give you all the essential tools you need to get you started peacefully.

  • Design ofa logo tailored
  • Design ofa graphic charter to insure a cohesive communication
  • Design ofa business card
  • Design ofa mail signature


Other options are available and will require a quote. The fee will be different from that indicated.

For more informations, you can : Book a call free, of 30 minutes or you can write me at contact@coraliemonpontet.com.

Communication digital and print

Illustration brings a touch of human warmth and sensibility that photography can't properly translate. To instill your energy, your intention and your vision, illustration is the best instrument.

I use illustration to reveal your activity for :

  • Des Icons for your Instagram page, illustrations to adorn your content
  • Visuals for your social medias : A banner youtube or a facebook banner for example.
  • A flyer to share and communicate about your activity or event.

Fee : to be discussed depending on your project

Best is to talk about it !


To illustrate a press article, make the cover of a book or decorate the pages of a novel, I am listening to your project and will know how to adapt to your request.

You wish to collaborate ?

Another project ?

You wish to collaborate on a completely different project ?
I am open to almost everyting !
Tell me at contact@coraliemonpontet.com